That being said, there’s a feeling of freedom and empowerment in writing about hard times, singing about a new-found strength that helps you to overcome.

It’s been a long ago since I listened for the very first time the dreamy voice of hers in Running Out Of You. This interview is as unique as her songs and overall figure. Sarah P. (Sarah Anna Psalti-Helbig) relocates from Athens, Greece to Berlin where she focuses on her work and personal growth. I met her officially this year through her powerful Instagram account. I am delighted and honoured not only to have her stories in my feed but also getting the chance to know her cause and background better.

We talked about Art and its therapeutic magic powers, music, new beginnings and the stigma in our society. Sarah P. will astonish you, not only with her voice but also with her strength, views and vision of a Greater World. What made me look deeper into her work was the progress in her Art and whole being! If you are familiar with her past work you’ll see that Sarah P. grew up to become a strong woman full of inspiration, creativity, honesty, and above all empowerment.

Have you ever wonder, how many young artists set aside the conformism of our epoque to focus on crucial issues that crumble our societies?

Nevertheless, there are still people who fight for a better future, I am glad that I have the chance to present to you one of them.

Meet Sarah P. a great artist, an amazing human being with a flourishing soul…

*    *    *

Sarah, welcome! I am really happy to have you here.

The pleasure is all mine 🙂

“Who I am”, the title of your latest album. Who is Sarah P.?

I’m Sarah Anna Psalti-Helbig. I’m 28 years old, born and raised in Athens and currently living in Berlin. I make music and write words. I see myself as a work in progress. If I was a type of art, I’d most definitely be a collage. Actually, I believe that most people would be distinctive pieces of collage art. Decadent, seemingly simple, but full of surprises – serving the bigger picture. That’s who I strive to be.

P. seems like a symbol to me; except for the obvious reference to your surname, I could see a door into infinity in that “π”… Listening to your music feels like you want to “touch” infinity. Can you describe us the feeling that you get through your music?

To be very honest with you, I’m rarely listening to my finished work. It might have to do with the fact that I’m always onto something new – always writing and searching for my next album’s themes and sounds. For the most part, the songs I’ve released so far are reflections on my past and sometimes it’s difficult for me to revisit them. That being said, there’s a feeling of freedom and empowerment in writing about hard times, singing about a new-found strength that helps you to overcome.


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