I have always been creating, as long as I can remember. Drawing came first, then writing, then photography, all before becoming a teenager…

An indulgence in visual intricacies: Hazel Glass - by Elizabeth SouflisI first came across Hazel‘s work through her Instagram account. I was truly mesmerised by the perplexity and the delicacy of her artworks. The combination of colors, the well-fined paper, along with the careful cuts not only catch the eye but pop-up a great question: HOW?

Hazel Glass is an American self-taught artist who traveled the world form more than a decade, gained inspiration and experience and a few years ago decided to officially focus on her cut paper works. She is an illustrator, a photographer, a designer, but most of all she’s a Xacto Blade Master. Her talent has been recognised by the experts while several exhibitions have been hosted displaying her artworks on Verum Ultimum Gallery, SCAD and Kraken Kayaks in the Great Lakes.

Her works tell stories. Οne can imagine everything through the patterns; the princes and princesses, the dragons and the flames, the sadness and the happiness all come to life storytelling another amazing tale. The created lines and shapes form infinite labyrinths inviting you to touch the routes, close your eyes and let the design get you where the design wants. Either falling in the Rabbithole finding Alice in Wonderland or ending up admiring the greatness of a medieval castle from afar, Hazel‘s works promise to make everyone fall in love with this woman’s talent!

As the artist herself mention on her official website, it’s “an indulgence in visual intricacies”. I feel really lucky that I had the chance to know her better though our talk.

Meet Hazel Glass and her hand-cut masterpieces…

An indulgence in visual intricacies: Hazel Glass - by Elizabeth Souflis
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Hello Hazel! I would like to welcome you to The ART.gallery. We are very happy to share your story with our audience…

Thank you so much for inviting me to be in such an aesthetically pleasing company!

You hold a degree in Fine Arts, and specifically in Illustration, so it’s obvious that you realized soon that you are interested in the Arts! One can admire your work on the walls of Verum Ultimum Gallery, in SCAD’s permanent collection, but also at the handcrafted wooden hulls of Kraken Kayaks in the Great Lakes. Would you like to share your story with us?

Actually, I do not have a degree. After graduating from high school I spent almost two decades traveling the world to educate myself through experiences, gather stories, and absorb all of the amazing sights that would inform my visual style. At the age of 34, I decided that I was ready to take my work to a more professional level, so I finally applied to art school. I took 5 terms at SCAD, and one term at PNCA. At that point, I discovered that I had outgrown school (though I would love to go back and study art history!), so I decided to give freelancing a go. Since that time three years ago, I have illustrated the covers of two books, shown work in over 20 fine art exhibitions, and had my art licensed for apparel and other design applications.

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An indulgence in visual intricacies: Hazel Glass - by Elizabeth Souflis

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