Each hike is an adventure and this is mirrored in each map. It’s really refreshing to hand draw each map and take things back to basics.

One of the greatest things Instagram has to offer is a huge showcasing of talented creators. Artists from all around the world, pen artists, watercolourists, painters, sculptors, street artists, with just one simple click on the FOLLOW button will enrich your news feed with beautiful designs and imaginative projects.

That’s how I met Thomas and his adventurous project called: Lást Maps.

The Lást Maps is a quite new fruitful project full of imagination, curiosity and positivity. As the project’s name itself indicates, Lást Maps consists of a variety of hand-drawn maps of world-renowned hikes. In Ancient English “lást” stood for footprint/track. At the time a number of beautiful designed idyllic sceneries in New Zealand are available, while more and more coming up including renowned hiking routes in the UK, Canada etc (hopefully Greece will be in the plan too).

Bring your adventure home with the most unique and unexpected souvenirs. What really caught my eye was that the maps don’t include only routes, but also wildlife and special must-see points of geological interest.

Those routes will make you wanna travel now to the featured place, go out and reconnect with nature, grab your camera and go explore, while the minimal designs of the mountains will make you desperate for a similar nature-related tattoo…

Meet Thomas and his adventurous project Lást Maps

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Hello Thomas! I am really happy to host you and your project here at The ART.gallery! Welcome!

Thank you so much, it’s awesome to be featured with The ART.gallery.

Who’s the mind behind the Lást Maps? Is it your personal project?

Lást Maps is very much a personal project that I created. I do all the design work myself, along with marketing and everything else, it’s been a big learning curve but I am loving every minute. Having said that I get some help from some inspiring close friends too. Angelique Jones has helped to shape the brand’s direction and Lara Cornell is our guest photographer, shooting behind the scenes. They are both very talented.

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